About Me

Freda (Haoyue) SHI

Greetings! I am a Ph.D. student at Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago . Prior to that, I received my B.S. degree with summa cum laude from Peking University, China.

My research interests are computational linguistics and natural language processing. Specifically, I study semantic representations from computational, logical and multimodal perspectives of view. My recent research topics include:


Selected Projects


Implementation of our paper on COLING'18, Learning Visually-Grounded Semantics from Contrastive Adversarial Samples.

...   ...


Source code of our study on pseudo multi-sense.

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  • I was an ACM-ICPC competitor.
    I won two gold medals on regional contests with my teammates Chengxian Mo and Tianshi Li.

  • I play Guqin.
    At the very first time, I follow Jiu-Yi School. My style is also influenced by Mr. Gong Yi a lot.
    I served as the minister of PKU Guqin Society from August 2016 to August 2017.

  • I was a member of PKU amateur athletic team, with the major of 5,000-meter race. I also enjoy relay races. I won three gold medals at PKU athletic meetings, as well as one gold medal on 4*400 relay race with my great teammates at Track and Field Meeting of Beijing Universade.

  • I love poetry for its irresistible beauty! I often translate poems between Chinese and English.
    You may see some on my personal WeChat Platform.

  • I love Ludwig Wittgenstein and his theories.

  • I reviewed a book (Chapters of basic algorithm, data structures and mathematics) on Olympiad of Informatics, of which the author was my boyfriend Yudong (Victor) Li (a famous competitor Olympiad in Informatics and ACM-ICPC in China, known as lydrainbowcat). [Buy the book!]

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